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27-years-old female
from United States / Fordyce
seeking 30–75 years-old male
Looking for the right man of my dreams come true.
About me
I am looking for a fun loving, yet serious man who works hard and enjoys the fruits of his hard work . A man who takes very good care of himself physically, emotionally and is very responsible. Someone who is open to trying new things and likes different cultures. A man who loves animals ,compassionate to children and older people. I love life, am happy in my own company, and am always open to becoming a better , well adjusted person. I'm only drawn to very smart,masculine, glamorous, strong men with integrity. Your word/commitment count. I really don't want to take another roller coaster ride with someone who only goes the whims of his thoughts and feelings. It's a beautiful ride into exquisite thanks. I am fresh out of a relationship that was so good for me, but painful. I am interested in true partnership but it may take some time. I care about home, family and friends. I am very resourceful and very self-reliant. I am the person you want to be stranded with on the island.
marital status:
Light blonde
body type:
168 cm (5'5)
52 kg (115 lbs)
Graduate degree
No, don't smoke
has children:
About ideal match
I'm the person you want to be with in public. Someone who can be a friend first, knows himself and is happy being him. Has a positive outlook on life, is not afraid of his convictions, has integrity and is honest. Someone who can communicate and express his feelings. I am a terrible romantic and love to be in and around water, i am looking for someone who loves to be loved, and who likes to be kissed all over, someone who is not afraid to do things spontaneously or someone who likes to plan for the weekend, hold hands in public or show how he feels. Someone who loves to kiss . someone playful. Yes I am very serious at work and when I need to be, but I am a kid at heart.Someone who likes to do lots of different things and not only work all the time. I am immaculate and take care of business. Someone who does not take his job home with him and stresses over the smallest things. Someone who cares about working out and feeling great. are you that person?
marital status: